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Nizami Farms

Mutton Liver (Kaleji) - مٹن کلیجی

Mutton Liver (Kaleji) - مٹن کلیجی

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Mutton Liver (Kaleji)

Regular Meat

  • Our standard meat option, economical for every occassion.
  • Meat weighed BEFORE processing, approx ~08% wastage removed during processing.
  • Quality guaranteed!
  • Organic meat
  • Lean and hygienically packed
  • Convenience
  • Delivered to your doorstep
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Your satisfaction is our priority

Frequent asked questions

Which areas do you deliver?

We deliver in all areas of Islamabad and Rawalpindi, including DHA and Bahria Town all phases. All Nizami Farms fresh meat deliveries are subject a Rs. 200/- delivery charge.

Please contact our helpful team on +92 333 5300905 if you have further questions with regards to your area.

When will my order arrive?

Your convenience is our top priority. After you've placed an order with us, a member of our team will be in contact with you as soon as possible to arrange a convenient time of delivery.

We schedule fresh meat deliveries from Thursday to Monday.

Is the meat fresh or frozen?

All our meat is completely FRESH and arrives daily. We never sell or hold any frozen meat product.

If you have any issues with the quality of our meat, we will fully replace your meat to our highest standards of quality.

How do you weigh your products?

All prices mentioned are per KG.

All our products are freshly made to order, weighed and hygienically packed.

When you receive your Nizami Farms fresh meat product, it will be labeled with exact weight with which it left our shop.

Why does lean meat often cost more than non-lean meat?

Lean meats typically have less fat content, and the production of lean cuts may involve more careful trimming during processing.

Non-lean meats often have a higher fat content, which can make them more affordable per gram compared to lean cuts. The additional fat contributes to the overall weight of the meat.

It's uncommon for meat to be charged based on net weight for lean cuts and gross weight for non-lean cuts as a standard pricing practice.

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Product reviews

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Based on 123 reviews
Boneless Chicken. Goat Liver and Brain..

Better then my expectation. Better then Qureshi (kohsar Market) Hope they maintain their quality. I would again say the Received order is better in live then in their pictures.

Couldn't be happier!

I booked Nizami farms for my qurbani last year and I was skeptical because it was the first time I was hiring third-party services. But these guys outdid themselves! Such cleanly cut meat, all parts packed separately, and delivered at the time promised. It took me all of 5 minutes to store the meat in my freezer and I was done. Superb! Booked them for qurbani again this year.

Veal Prime Boneless Cubes
Shamaoun Bhatti

I would like to buy the meat from Nizami farms now. Excellent and great job👍👍

Qurbani Goat (Bakra)
Shayan Siddiqui
It was a really great experience.

During the initial phase of the COVID-19 pandemic, I had an unsatisfactory experience with a different vendor. The delivery was delayed, the packaging was substandard, and the customer service was severely lacking.

Consequently, when I decided to try Nizami Farms last year, I was quite apprehensive. However, to my astonishment, they completely transformed my perception. Their professionalism throughout the entire process was truly remarkable. The meat cuts, packaging, and delivery were all meticulously executed, leaving a lasting positive impression on me.

I wholeheartedly commend Nizami Farms for their exceptional work and hope that they maintain this level of professionalism in the future. I extend my best wishes for their continued success.

Qurbani Goat (Bakra)
Fatima Kokab

I’ve always had a good experience with them. Ordered from them for the last two years and the service and quality have both been great! The quality of meat was very high and was perfectly packed as well. I’ve taken a share this year as well so I would definitely recommend them!

Best Qurbani Delivery Service

Had a great experience last year, Nizami farms took care of the entire process so we had a nearly effortless Qurbani, everything is hygenically cut, packed, and delivered on time. especially convenient if you live in an apartment. Have already placed the order for this year's Eid


Till this time the response to customers is excellent. They reply to every query very politely and in detail to satisfy the customer. Comments on the meat quality and delivery will be made after receipt of our booked shares.

Veal Prime Boneless Cubes
Raja Najeeb
Prime boneless beef

Prime boneless beef was superb in quality,fresh tender and so delicious when I cooked it 😋

Mutton Joints (Shank) - مٹن مچھلی کا گوشت
M Asim
Mutton Joints

Extremely Good 👍

It was very clean and of very good quality.

Chicken Boti cuts

Nice and clean

Excellent service

Good Quality but expensive if compare to the market rate

Mutton Shoulder (Dasti) - مٹن دستی
Mirza Hassan

Very Good Quality

Veal Minced Qeema
Bakhtiar Ahmad

excellent as ever.

Veal Shank Boneless (Nihari) - ویل نہاری کا گوشت
Ms Ali
Nihari shank

Excellent quality, cooks well and exactly as shown . Very satisfied with their products especially customer service.

Atlast found the best meat

Having spent more than a decade in searching for good quality meat, atlast I fount the best beef and mutton and that too from the comfort of my home. Strongly recommended chops and boneless. Will try other range and comment about that soon, in sha Allah

Veal Shank Boneless Diced (Boti) - Nihari ویل نہاری کا گوشت
Ms Ali
Nihari gosht

Excellent meat , we made Nihari and the quality of the meat made the dish perfect. It was my first order and I am going to be their regular customer from now on.
Also the follow up and delivery was professionally handled!

Mutton Shoulder (Dasti) - مٹن دستی
Khalid Feroze

Good quality, quite satisfied

Quality and service 👌 too good

Good quality meat and service is commendable

Great service, very convenient, awesome quality.

Veal Minced Qeema
Sohaib Akram

Great experience

Veal Tenderloin (Undercut) -ویل انڈرکٹ
Waseem Lehrasab

Excellent product fresh and upto standard.